Hello All, My name is Alex but actually i'm more known on the Internet as a 0xAX. I'm Erlang software developer and now i'm working in Travelping company.

This is my blog and i'm writing about my favorite pastime - code writing :) I try to write new posts regularly but it does not always work.

Why is this blog can be interesting for you: My projects:
  • Erlang chat bot, with xmpp, irc, campfire and other transports support
  • Golang algorithms and data structures
  • Desktop notification with golang
  • Simple bash script which prints helpers for git usage
  • Emacs extension, print css properties usage
  • MVC web framework for ElixirLang
  • AngularJS native directives for Semantic UI
  • Very lightweight command line argument parser for golang
  • All about erlang programming language
  • Linux x86-64 assembly examples
  • Bash snippets
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And the main: English is not my first language, so if you'll see any erros please, let me know, thank you.


Morten said…
I have tried your Semantic UI for Angular modules. I think it is a very good idea but I just wanted to say that you are starting off with a few design blunders.

- The dropdown is using the title as the model, which means that you have effectively shut down the possibility for having a rich object as the selected item, which I find useful in 90% of my cases, or more. Especially in the context of Angular where the selected item would just be a reference to the same object in a collection.
- The modal is using ng-model to show or hide. This is very unclear unless you look at your directive code, and also a bad design decision. First of all a property called axModalShow or something similar would be a lot easier to understand, and you would also free up ng-model to be used as the data for the rich content of the modal.

This is just meant as constructive criticism.
Have a nice day :)